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I❤️BALI 🌴🥥💻📲💰🌴 Be The Change You Want To See In The World

Be The Change You Want To See In The World
How can you be The Change You Want To See In The World?

 No Loud Motorbikes: Stop The Knalpot Terror!

Good morning my dear.

Today I invite you to be the change you want to see in the world. I told you, I'm rather noise sensitive and that the terrorist knalpot drove me crazy. Well, then I had this idea about blessing them, and I keep saying:
"God bless you with brain, and a new knalpot."

And each time I do so, it puts me in a better mood. And sometimes I have the feeling, that those blessings reach them! For example, my wife's daughter bought a motorbike with a rotten knalpot! Well, every time I heard her coming or leaving I thought about her:

"Indah, God bless you with brain, and a new knalpot!"

And after three months of driving this loud motorbike, she sold it! So, it seems like she got more awareness. And I hope, my blessings helped her with that. See, when I got angry about the Knalpot terrorists, I always thought:

  • How can I make a change?
  • How can I make the world change to become more noise sensitive?
  • And get more awareness for it?

So, I got myself an electric scooter. And the electric scooter does not make any noise. Well, hardly any noise. Of course, while driving you hear the wind in your helmet. And you hear the suspension systems, which one usually doesn't hear on a scooter with a combustion engine. Because the engine is much louder than that. But see, with the electric scooter one gets so much attention from other people. Almost every second person asks me:

  • Where did you buy it?
  • What does it cost?
  • How long is the range?

Actually, to answer all of these questions, I already started to record U-Winfly Review Videos of what I experienced with my Electric Scooter. If the knalpot terrorists would know, how much positive awareness and attention they get ... See, they only make that noise, because they lack attention! And everybody who collects status symbols, or as I call them: "dick extenders" wants more attention. That's the only reason they do that for. And with the positive attention, one gets with the electric scooter, the knalpot terrorists wouldn't make that noise anymore. That's of course not the reason, why I bought it 🤣. Now it's on you!

Your task for today:

  1. Just think about what change you would love to see in the world! What bothers you?
  2. What would you like to change?
  3. And now how can you bless the people or the situation you dislike?
    Find your own blessing.
    Find a way that makes you feel better about the situation.
  4. What makes you feel better about the people you dislike?
    And probably, give those people more awareness, to make them become better and get healed!
  5. And finally: Take the next step in that direction.
    So that you can become a blueprint for making the situation better. And do the first step to do so!

So check all of your tasks, and

Enjoy Living Abundantly In Paradise!

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