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About The Author



Do you have a dream, of living in Paradise abundantly?

  • Do you dream of escaping the nine-to-five treadmill of your job or your self-built slavery in your self-employment?
  • Maybe you want more simplicity in your life.
  • Maybe living a more frugal life, because frugality is very very liberating.
  • Maybe you think of how to cut the cost of living, to make your expenses less.
  • To be able to save more money, turn your life into abundance and escape scarcity. Do you sometimes feel, that you lack money or a lack of abundance?
  • And finally, you probably may want to live on the sunny side of your life!

Let me tell you a story, about how I entered scarcity: I married my first wife in 1998. And about half a year later she was pregnant. And I realized we have a hard time getting around with the money.

And so, I feared with a child, it will become even more difficult. Then she got sick and she couldn't work anymore.
She lost her job and the situation got harder for me. And I really feared, I won't be able to afford this kind of life anymore.
Yes, I felt I wasn't ready for a child. And I really had the feeling, I couldn't take care of my family financially. Well, I really lived a life of scarcity, always short of money. And I tried to make more money out of my job, with my work. But still, it didn't work out.

I had so much fear about becoming a father, that I even hoped, that this child was not from me. Meanwhile, I know, my first child is my biological child. Because she's so similar to my character. She grew up, meanwhile, she's 22 years old. But unfortunately, meanwhile, I lost contact with her.

At the same time, I was working as an employee like a civil servant. The company is called Bosch. And I think this business is the biggest privately held civil servant employer you can think of! They have the word "Zentralverordnung" which means:
It's an order, it's a rule from the management, and everybody has to apply. In this kind of environment, I wasn't able to work creatively. Because they have rules for everything, and people working there, are always following the rules ... without questioning them. So, there is very little change. There's very little development, which really drove me nuts!

And see: On the one side it was a job in security. But on the other hand, I didn't feel any development, neither personally nor technically. I had a safe, but very unhappy life, a marriage in which I did not feel comfortable, with a child, and I was not able to take care of her in an appropriate way.

What I've really felt guilty for. And then, due to the vow, I gave during my marriage I thought getting divorced and getting out of this marriage is not the appropriate way. And we went to consulting and coaching, on how to fix the marriage. But we never got to the point, and actually, my inner voice told me: She's not the right wife for me. But I kept ignoring it.

I really got sick. Finally, I decided to switch jobs. But in my bad mental condition, I kept losing three jobs. Three new jobs within two years. Because I couldn't deliver, due to my bad mental condition.

And also due to my physical health, which really was bad! Well after I failed in other jobs three times, I was out of work for almost one year. During that time, I developed the idea of becoming self-employed and this self-employment turned into Vitality4Happiness. The entire story about that, I will tell you: How I founded another treadmill in which I was working 7 days a week, 12 to 14 hours a day. How I overcame this, and how I turned it finally into a self-running Enterprise. There is just a little trick: I simply took off 1 day a month, without working in my business! And you can do that, too!

And then, in the next month, I took off 2 days not working in my business. So now, you can calculate how long it takes
until you can take 30 days off per month from your business. If you keep increasing the number of days
you're not working in your business each month by simply 1 day ... it's about 2.5 years. And you will even benefit from the compounding of the effectivity and efficiency. You need to put in processes to do so.

And I will tell you, how to do that. And then, you might start traveling. Already after seven months, I was able to do one week without working in my business.

And what I started doing is: I just booked short trips of one week to destinations I always wanted to be. And I did a little bit of remote work from there. Plus, I did a lot of learning about:

  • How to manage,
  • how to organize,
  • or how to develop my business?

And I also share those things in this:

"I love Bali Podcast"

And you can sign up right below here to get the initial version! Read it, and get an idea, of how you can do it, too!

How to found a business ... But meanwhile, of course, I would recommend not starting to get full-time but doing it on the side with your current job.

  • How to turn it into a self-running enterprise!

  • How to become financially free?

  • Make your business run for you, and not, you getting chased by your business!

  • Reduce your cost of living dramatically, by living overseas in a low-cost country.

  • Become an investor

  • Achieve Financial Freedom, by just investing your money and living from the dividend.

The entire story is available for you. Just get your copy: Click on the link! Learn how to make your life your dream
and become financially free to

Live Abundantly In Paradise!

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