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I❤️BALI 🌴🥥💻📲💰🌴 Overcoming Livid

Overcoming Livid

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Today, I want to tell you the story of the darkest point of my life, caused by over-regulation. and also which learnings I got out of that. see, everybody of us has ups and downs during our life. and you probably can name what was the darkest period of your life. can you think about it? well, probably you can. maybe it also turns you into a little bit of a sad mood. yeah, at least it turns me in a sad mood when I think about mine. it was the year 1998 ...


I was in love with a woman and we decided to get married and one year later our first child turned up

and in the beginning yeah of course we had a lot of love for each other but I realized I cannot afford the cost of living which the marriage and our child created and I felt like living in scarcity further I realized she's not the right one for me but due to the marriage file getting divorced especially now with child and the responsibility for it I didn't have the courage to think about it so I avoided to think about it at all so I remained living in scarcity we got to know each other in a small town called Marburg which is the student town about one-fourth or one-third of the populations there are students and so price level is reasonable and it's very pretty town and we got around with our money living there but now I had a Visa ready to go to California Orange County south of LA but so it was a relocation from my job from Germany to the United States to California but the Visa was only good for me not for my wife so I denied going there instead of that the business I was working for was offering me to go to Munich so we moved to Munich from the cost of living in Marburg in a little student town to one of the most expensive cities in Germany so I think those days Munich was ranking as the third most expensive city for living in Germany after Dusseldorf and Hamburg

so I got steeper in scarcity my wife got sick she lost her job it was only me who had to take care of getting the money in and she kept burning it so I got even deeper in scarcity when I was so afraid about taking care well for my child and for my wife yeah and still thinking about that to get divorced even if my heart told me that she's not the right one for me scared me a lot due to the legal situation in Germany getting divorced for a man is a quite expensive thing

so I kept working harder trying to make more money try to make to keep the money together well and after one and a half years I got fed up from Munich where it's so essential to show up sexy and to pretend you're more than you are and we moved together to Stuttgart actually to a little town near to Stuttgart called Ludwig's book

and then we lived there and yeah about six years later my son got born and now we had two children and well somehow I managed to get around with the money but I still was in a very unpleasant situation with a marriage with a wife and You by heart she's not the right one for me and also I switched jobs and I started working for a subsidiary of Bosch which was called etas

and I ended up in this civil servant company and I did not really enjoy working there because they even if it was a privately held company they were acting like civil servants and I always hated civil servants actually in Germany we have some very funny words for it we call them Kaka

another word which is rather the swabian version of it is deepalicious well they are all Born in Taylor is a word for basically text consultants and it means Bean counters so they take everything very precise and they don't question the rules they follow the rules even if they make sense or not and that this environment really drove me nuts it's it's just following the rules because the rules are there not understanding what the rules are good for well I don't have problems following the rules because they have a good reason to be there and following the meaning of the rules because it's only traditionally like that if the tradition doesn't make any sense anymore it's time to change the rules Germans I'm in general not very good in changing the rules and thinking about that they rather follow the traditions and now I got trapped in a business and working for a company which did so as well

and see all of the old rules keeps up all The Highwaymen nice German word for that is big lagava and Highwaymen are like the industry and hundreds Karma organizations which just charge money without doing any benefits to the community another one is

which is collecting money for radio and TV stations the state owned radio and TV stations and see there are hundreds of private TV stations nowaday which running on very little budget but those state-owns owned TV and radio stations you have to pay for them even if you do not watch them and even if you do not appreciate them and they are running on a very high budget but the program is no better than the private ones

and you basically pay the state for sharing their propaganda the news they tell are as far away from the truth as the ones from the private ones the ones from the private ones are the basically depending on the advertising they get and the state-owned ones is basically telling the opinion of the government but if the government is telling you the truth well I doubt it I think that's as much truth as advertising

so another bunch of Korean Kaka is for example traditional Banks they stick to Old rules and old regulations and this stops them to make it more difficult for them and they charge you a lot of money for doing the banking system but luckily now we have some fintechs which gonna change the game the traditional ones haven't understood what's going on I think and another organization is for example the land registry the land registry is a state-owned administrative office which is working [ __ ] slow expansive and terribly old-fashioned to register where you own some property

and they still do it all in paperwork luckily nowadays we can see some development in the world which make all of The Highwaymen obsolete so let's think a little bit more about that but see what all of those Highway Man and organization which are based on the old rules and traditions too is they tried to stick and to try to manifest old rules and regulations and I really hate that because it stops developing further it stops progress and I only can think Lord forgive them for they not know what they're doing

this conservative and dogmatic kind of people stop developing Society but the good news is the blockchain will make a lot of those people Obsolete and I can't wait to see how this is coming true so for example the banks the new fintech business which are often trading with cryptocurrencies or doing services like International money transfer cheaper and faster than the traditional Banks well Dave Mill provide the traditional banks with a heavy competition and I can't wait to see how some of the traditional banks will have to change the business model due to that or probably will go out of business which of course will have some negative consequences for the people who parked their money with them but probably we won't have a choice to get rid of the old bastards and I can see today that the old traditional Banks cannot understand yet what is going on there in the world and how blockchain technology will change the situation it's similar like the company Kodak they invented the digital camera but they didn't understand what they do so they decided we gonna continue selling the normal cameras and Camera films and they put the digital camera on the side not using their own developed technology

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