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I❤️BALI 🌴🥥💻📲💰🌴 Riz: Politics Make Me Livid

Riz: Politics Make Me Livid
My name is Riz. Before I started working remotely, I lived in Jakarta, Indonesia, as a business owner, Operation Director in import and export.

  1. What did you like the best about the working and living conditions?
    The best about working in Jakarta is that it is the business capital of Indonesia. Where Indonesia is pretty advanced in the tech world. In other regions, no one knows about any type of fintech industry to improve their business. Also, the opportunity to start a new business is there, competitive but it’s there. Because I am a local, living here is basically easier to get by. Communication, and also the legal situation is much easier.
  2. What did you dislike about working and living there?
    Because we are such a big country, competition is tight. People are willing to do anything for their own selfish purposes. To handle that is really a tough one. I am born in this country, but I grew up here and there. It’s just really hard and a tad frustrating, which mindsets and principles people have. Also, politics make me livid. This is the most infuriating thing we have to face.
  3. What did you hate the most about it?
    The politics.
  4.  What would you have loved to know before you started working remotely?
    To know, that it is possible to do so. Since having to go to the office 24/7 for the last 10 years … it’s just crazy.
  5. What is the next thing you want to learn about it?
    Communication, due to the time difference, even if not much. But to handle multiple heads in the company is really a tough one. Not all people are fast in their response and working speed.
  6. Where, how, and what do you work today?
    As long as my phone, laptop, and wifi or cell service are working well, I can pretty much work everywhere.
  7. What do you love about it?
    The routine, my own time management, and also technically I am working one hour ahead… so always good.

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