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Living Freedom
What does freedom mean to you? Does that mean you can do whatever you want? Ask yourself how free you feel right now in your life. Are you living out your destiny, plan, schedule, and goals?



Do you see boundaries everywhere? Do you follow other people's plans? How do you define freedom? What does it mean to not be free?

For me, freedom comes in four parts:

  1. The freedom of the mind;

  2. the freedom to travel;

  3. financial freedom;

  4. and sexual freedom.


So let's go over each one.

1) Freedom of the mind

What does it mean to not have freedom of mind? A common saying is that the mind is a prison. Phillip Arnold calls attention to this:

"You will never be free until you free yourself from the prison of your false thoughts."

Most people's minds are like prisons, which is the opposite of being free. The biggest prison in the world is not Alcatraz; it's in your head, our heads, and mine too. I've been there too. My mind used to hold me captive. I kept seeing limits everywhere. Especially when I was married, many things kept me from doing what I wanted to do. I took on too many responsibilities and carried too much weight. As the saying goes, the weight of the world was on my shoulders.

Being responsible is the opposite of being free

Responsibility and freedom are two sides of the same coin. The less responsibility you carry, the more freedom you have. The more you are responsible for, the less freedom you will have. From what I've seen, most people take on too much responsibility and have too little freedom in their lives. They depend too much on other people's opinions and follow other people's plans, which leads to scarcity, so they take on too much responsibility. It is common for this kind of person to have back pain. Back pain is the typical physical sign of taking on too much responsibility.

Getting your mind back in a balance between freedom and responsibility is a good way to live your freedom. It makes you sick to take on too much responsibility. All the rules, regulations, and limits you see in the world will make you feel trapped, and the lack of freedom will always make you feel bad. People often lie to themselves and say things like, "I love the freedom I have," but if you look at what they do with their lives, you can see that they have too many responsibilities.

So, if you experience back pain, you now know that it could be because you are out of balance, and due to carrying too much responsibility.  You'll be surprised by how it works. It is meant to change the way you think about freedom and let go of some of your rules, regulations, and responsibilities.

At the end of this chapter, I'll show you an incantation from Tony Robbins.


2) The freedom to travel

I used to want to see all the countries in the world so I could enjoy the freedom of traveling. I traveled to about 100 different countries, some of which I liked and some I didn't. I finally made it to Bali, my real home and paradise. So now I don't feel like I need to travel as much. I'm not looking for my true home anymore, but I still love visiting new countries and places.

Now I have another dream, another goal, and another place I want to go: I want to go to Mars! Not only that, but on my way there, I want to have sex in zero gravity and have two children. The first twins to be born on Mars. That's my new goal and my new destiny when it comes to the freedom to travel. So why not? I reached my original goal and found Bali, so why not twins born on Mars?

So now, think of a place you would love to visit. What is it, and where is it? Make that your destiny!


3) Financial Freedom

How does it feel to be financially free?

What does being wealthy mean to you? How do you define abundance?

You are financially free when your assets grow faster due to interest and dividends than you need to spend to live your dream life. In another chapter, I'll tell you more about financial freedom, financial safety, and financial security.

Reaching at least a basic level of financial security is the foundation to start growing because no one ever became enlightened who didn't know how to pay for his next meal. You could say, "Well, I know some wise people, and they don't worry too much about money." See, those people can make wealth, abundance, and money out of anything. This gives them the security and confidence that they no longer have to worry too much about money.

If money is too much of a problem in your life, you'll still end up in scarcity. But if you can make abundance, wealth, and money out of every situation, that's a very good foundation for your growth!

4) Sexual freedom

I think that the idea of monogamy is against human nature. Actually, it is against nature because there are no monogamous animals. To be honest, very few people are monogamous, even though religion teaches us to be. Well, at least most religions, anyway.

I was raised in Germany as a Christian. People who have never done anything sexual are called "unschuldig." In German, "unschuldig" means "not guilty!" So, we think that people who have never had sex are not guilty, which means, in a roundabout way, that you are guilty as soon as you have your first sexual encounter.

The Bible doesn't say that directly, but it does say that if a person loses his virginity, he loses his innocence and is, therefore, guilty of having sex. This makes people think of sex as something dirty and bad. I think that’s complete nonsense.

Sexual diseases don't come from having sex. You're receptive to it, depending on how you think subconsciously about it. Feeling guilty and dirty about it makes you more likely to get sexual diseases or cancer in your genitalia because you fear it.

There have been good reasons to encourage monogamy and say that polygamy and sleeping around are bad. For example, when sexual diseases like syphilis or Aids were killing thousands or even millions of people, it made sense. But you only get these diseases if you have a negative mind about sex. And the symptoms show clearly how you subconsciously feel about it.

Once you realize that sex is a good and clean way to get endless energy, you are no longer vulnerable to sexual diseases, even if you have sex with different lovers. But as long as you think having sex is dirty, you will have some kind of symptom or be prone to disease.

Enjoy sex as a good, clean way to get energy. Enjoy sex without feeling guilty!


Let's end this chapter with a nice exercise. It's an exercise created by Tony Robbins. He uses this incantation at his "Date with Destiny" seminars. It's an enchantment for freedom! There's a video on my YouTube channel, and I encourage you to watch it and scream along with Tony.

Freedom should be one of your core values. Freedom is more important than responsibility! Especially if you put too much value on responsibility. If you have back pain, it's a clear sign that you're out of balance because you've taken on too much responsibility. So use the incantation, scream it out with Tony Robbins, and enjoy your freedom. You don't have to worry about what other people think about your life. You will get to your goal, where you can live freely. Create abundance out of any situation. So, you no longer have to worry about not having enough money, and you don't have to live in a state of scarcity.

Have fun with good sex.
Use it as an endless supply of good, clean energy.

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