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I❤️BALI 🌴🥥💻📲💰🌴 Natalie Wants A Side Income

Natalie Wants A Side Income
My name is Natalie Leung. Before I started working remotely I lived in Hong Kong as a freelancer, working as Sales Manager in the Art world.

  1. What did you like the best about the working and living conditions?
    Low taxes (around 12%) and the ability to earn and save money.
  2. What did you dislike about working and living there?
    The predominantly corporate culture, lack of creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation.
  3. What did you hate the most about it?
    I could not see myself as part of that world any longer.
  4. What would you have loved to know before you started working remotely?
    How to make a side income. How to make your savings last longer. How to access information, forums, and resources about living and working remotely.
    By the way, I recently discovered the Youtuber Jean Voronkova and I've been poring through all of her content – about financial freedom and FIRE, side incomes, and the reality of living in Bali.
  5. Where, how, and what do you work today?
    Unemployed in Hong Kong, but I am planning to return to Bali in 2023.
  6. What do you love about it?
    Freedom, the ability to meet new people through different communities like VATA Runners!

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